Banana Pudding

Last updated: Saturday November 24, 2012

Slice into 1/8 inch thick rounds:

6          -           -                       bananas

Set aside:

24        -           -                       vanilla wafers



Mix together in a heavy sauce pan:

-           3/4       cup                  sugar

4          -           tablespoons     flour

Heat to near scalding:

2          1/2       cups                 milk

Add to flour and sugar, using a whisk.

Next, add a small portion of the hot milk mixture, stirring constantly,  to:

4          -           -                       eggs yolks

A)  Add beaten egg yolk mixture to hot milk mixture.
B)  Heat combined mixture until thickened.
C)  Make layers of bananas, wafers, and pudding cream, topping with a cream layer.

Beating until they stand alone:

4          -           -                       egg whites

and sprinkle in:

-           1/4       cup                  sugar

A)  Top pudding cups with meringue.
B)  Brown in 425º oven for 5 minutes

Temperature:  425º
Time:             5 Minutes
Mom and Dad